Every weekday with 20-30 Shop Openings, M&A and HR News Worldwide.

Yearly Subscription Plan for only 99,00 € per year.

Worldwide Street Plans - Free Access for Retailers

With our vast amount of location intelligence we are building always up to date, digital Street Plans for cities all around the world. No more static PDF or print outs! The next generation of Street Plans is here.

Get to know your competition

With our knowledge in technology and retail market insights database we are able to design and build applications that fit to your special needs as a broker or retailer: where are your competitors? Which brand is strongly expanding? Our Algorythm knows the answers.

20'000+ Shop Openings on Google Maps

For the first time in history eLocations.com presents you Retail Location Intelligence with 20'000+ shop openings all around the world. Explore and Compare the new shops from A like Apple via G like Gucci to Z like Zara in more than 150 Cities and 500 Shopping Streets globally.

How to find stores & tenants at eLocations.com
Anytime, anywhere. Find the perfect location. Find your ideal tenant.

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